Registration for JournalCon DC 2004 opens May 1, 2004. The fee schedule and rules are outlined below. Please read and understand the rules, as well as the registration contract, before completing the registration process.

Registered Attendees

$50.00 when registered by 11:59 pm EDT, May 31, 2004.
$60.00 when registered by 11:59 pm EDT, June 30, 2004.
$70.00 when registered by 11:59 pm EDT, July 31, 2004.
$80.00 for the month of August, including walk-ins

Registered Guests

$30 for all registrations
Note: Registered guests must accompany a registered attendee; their registration fee will cover entertainment and meals, where applicable. Registered guests may also be allowed to attend panels or roundtables where their attendee is a featured speaker.

Payment Methods

We accept both PayPal and personal checks/money orders. Funds must be in US Dollars. Each payment option is bound by certain rules.


In order to receive the appropriate rate for the month in which registered, registrants must pay by PayPal within seven (7) days of completing online registration. Further, any registrations for which PayPal payment has not been received within seven (7) days will be considered incomplete and the registrant will be required to re-register. To pay by PayPal, send your payment to For the sake of the sanity of the organizing committee, please use the comments section of the PayPal mechanism to tell us your online/real name, if such information is not clear according to the e-mail address from which you are sending payment.

Check/Money Order

No registrations by check or money order will be accepted after August 7, 2004; this includes walk-ins. In order to receive the appropriate rate for the month in which they registered, registrants must postmark their checks/money orders within the same month as their registration. Further, check/money order registrations must be received by the August 7, 2004 deadline for checks and money orders. To pay by check or money order, send payment to:
JournalCon DC
P.O. Box 33701
Washington, DC 20033-3701

Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation Policy is clearly outlined in the Registration Contract. Be sure that you understand it before registering.

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