Sample Airfares
Getting to the Hotel

Sample Airfares

Sample airfares were generated using SideStep during the week of May 6, 2004. Airport codes are as follows: BWI is Baltimore-Washington International Airport. IAD is Washington Dulles International. DCA is Washington National Airport. Details about getting to and from the airport can be found lower down on this page.

Originating Arriving Airline Fare
Atlanta, GA BWI Multiple $337.00
Atlanta, GA IAD AirTran $200.20
Atlanta, GA DCA Delta $234.00
Austin, TX BWI American $232.00
Austin, TX IAD United $304.00
Austin, TX DCA Continental $309.40
Boston, MA BWI AirTran $116.70
Boston, MA IAD Continental $311.40
Boston, MA DCA United $281.00
Chicago (Midway) DCA ATA $222.70
Chicago (O'Hare) BWI American $184.00
Chicago (O'Hare) IAD American $228.00
Cleveland, OH BWI Delta $145.00
Cleveland, OH IAD Continental $277.20
Cleveland, OH DCA US Air $292.20
Dallas BWI American $268.00
Dallas IAD United $320.00
Dallas DCA ATA $321.40
Honolulu BWI America West $701.00
Honolulu IAD America West $790.00
Honolulu DCA America West $790.00
Las Vegas BWI Northwest $268.00
Las Vegas IAD AirTran $252.90
Las Vegas DCA AirTran $246.90
Miami, FL BWI American $224.00
Miami, FL IAD AirTran $272.40
Miami, FL DCA American $304.00
Minneapolis BWI United $235.00
Minneapolis IAD AirTran $310.40
Minneapolis DCA ATA $330.40
Monroe, LA BWI Delta $269.00
Monroe, LA IAD Continental $297.20
Monroe, LA DCA Northwest $306.00
Nashville BWI Northwest $173.00
Nashville IAD United $342.00
Nashville DCA American $341.80
NYC (LGA) BWI United $192.00
NYC (LGA) IAD United $142.00
NYC (LGA) DCA Delta $142.00
Phoenix BWI American $235.00
Phoenix IAD America West $438.20
Phoenix DCA Multiple $275.00
Pittsburgh BWI Northwest $284.00
Pittsburgh IAD Northwest $358.00
Pittsburgh DCA Northwest $358.00
Rochester, NY BWI AirTran $132.70
Rochester, NY IAD United $265.00
Rochester, NY DCA US Air $268.30
Seattle BWI Frontier $323.00
Seattle IAD America West $340.00
Seattle DCA Northwest $260.00
St. Louis BWI American $242.00
St. Louis IAD AA or UAL $337.00
St. Louis DCA Midwest $317.00

Getting to the Hotel


The Metro (subway) system in Washington, DC is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country. Metro is safe and inexpensive; stations are located conveniently throughout the city and extended weekend hours make it the best option for visitors who are unfamiliar with driving in the city and who want to relieve themselves of the burden of finding parking. Metro fares range from $1.20 (minimum) to $3.60 (maximum), and Metro offers special day passes for use during specified hours. Day passes cost $5 and are good for an entire day's worth of travel on the Metro system. All Metro stations are staffed and have fliers and maps to assist visitors in finding their way around DC.

There is a Metro station at Washington National Airport. If you fly into DCA, metro is by far the easiest way to get to the hotel. If you fly into Dulles, you can catch the Washington Flyer Shuttle Bus to West Falls Church Metro (on the Orange line) for $8. It's a very easy commute and it's cheap too. The Hotel Helix is at the McPherson Square Metro Station. More details on getting to the Hotel Helix from the Airports is available on the Hotel Helix Website.


There are 88 independently owned taxicab companies employing over 6200 drivers in Washington, DC. Taxis here operate on a zone system (as opposed to a metered system) and taxi fare is determined by the number of zones in which you travel. Base fare is $5.50 and there is a $1.50 charge for each additional zone traveled. Traveling by taxi in Washington, DC is considerably less expensive than in most other major US cities.

To get to the hotel from Washington National Airport via cab, you can take any Virginia or DC cab into the city. Virginia cabs are metered and will charge differently than DC cabs. To get to the hotel from Dulles International Airport via cab, you can only take a Washington Flyer Taxi, which operates on a metered format as well. To return to Dulles from the Helix by cab, it is recommended that you phone Washington Flyer, though you can certainly hail a DC cab; the fares will be higher, though.

Parking Rates

We are currently trying to work out a special parking rate with the hotel. The following parking options are also available. All are Metro accessible and easily accessible from major highways and interstates.

Parking at the extended stay economy lots at Washington National Airport is $9 a day; parking is $15 a day in the regular daily lots.

The Montgomery County, MD parking lot next to the Bethesda Metro Station (lot 49) offers free parking on weekends and county holidays. The daily maximum is $11.25 on other days. Hours requiring payment are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Lot 11, about a block away has a daily maximum of $8.25; otherwise the same fees and times apply.

Finally, parking is available in the 24 hour Ballston Public Parking Garage, operated by Arlington County, VA for a mere $1.00 all day and night on weekends. The Ballston Metro station is a short walk (all indoors) from the garage.