New York’s SoHo is to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury as Chicago’s Wicker Park is to Boston’s South End. But none of these is Capitol Hill or Georgetown.  They’ve got celebrities, activists, artists and academics. We’ve got all of that, plus the leader of the free world. We've got intrigue, secrets and scandal. We've got the best cheeseburgers in the country.

In Washington, DC, the most influential people in the world gather to set policy and priorities, to build empires and make history. And every four years, the people gather to set their own policies and priorities, tear down or reinforce empires and repeat or create history. 2004 will be such a year, when America comes home to roost. Shouldn't JournalCon come with it?

In a year when public discourse will be heightened, shouldn't we be here to capture it? Shouldn't journallers from across the country (and, hopefully, from across the world) gather to meet, discuss, disagree-but-like-one-another-anyway and, with any luck, say something important? Yes, we should. We should gather. We should talk. We should listen. We should get some of those cheeseburgers.


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