The JournalCon DC Committee is excited about hosting the 5th Annual JournalCon and each member is committed to bringing their full capabilities and resources to bear in planning and executing a truly remarkable event. We are lucky to have event planners, technical specialists, a lawyer and other assorted professionals as part of the committee. More than that, though, we are fortunate to have assembled a group of individuals who believe in the concept of online journalling and who share the same vision for JournalCon. Any number of other cities may be viable locations for JournalCon, but no other location has the dedication, creativity and enthusiasm that is shared among the members of the JournalCon DC Committee.

We are pleased to present this bid to host JournalCon 2004 in Washington, DC, and look forward to greeting the online journalling community in our fair city.

Please contact Kalamity and Michelle with any questions and/or correspondence about this bid.

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