Transportation Around DC

Washington, DC is a compact city with most major attractions well within walking distance from hotels. However, transportation within the District is plentiful and efficient. This committee was conscious of the city's geography and availability of mass transit when selecting hotels and other venues. Information provided below is based on current operations and fees, which are subject to change. These details are, however, a reliable indicator of the transportation options within Washington, DC.



The Metro (subway) system in Washington, DC is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country. Metro is safe and inexpensive; stations are located conveniently throughout the city and extended weekend hours make it the best option for visitors who are unfamiliar with driving in the city and who want to relieve themselves of the burden of finding parking. Metro fares range from $1.20 (minimum) to $3.60 (maximum), and Metro offers special day passes for use during specified hours. Day passes cost $5 and are good for an entire day's worth of travel on the Metro system. All Metro stations are staffed and have fliers and maps to assist visitors in finding their way around DC.



There are 88 independently owned taxicab companies employing over 6200 drivers in Washington, DC. Taxis here operate on a zone system (as opposed to a metered system) and taxi fare is determined by the number of zones in which you travel. Base fare is $4 and there is a $1.50 charge for each additional zone traveled. Traveling by taxi in Washington, DC is considerably less expensive than in most other major US cities.

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